Winterhaven Sporthorse Centre | About Us
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Winterhaven Sporthorse Centre is the dream come true for US Team member and FEI Dressage trainer Susan Treabess and her husband Scott Stanley. Purchased in late 2015, the property formerly known as Hacienda Haleguena has undergone substantial renovations while preserving the intimate, peaceful feel. With a strong emphasis on horsemanship, yet designed for the dressage and jumping equestrian sports, WSC is a facility where relationships with equine partners can blossom.


AT WSC you will find attentive care with the utmost respect for the horses and a peaceful yet fun and supportive facility to train out of. As part of this philosophy we have developed some of the best facilities in the area and some of the best management and care practices. WSC is more than just a training facility, it’s a haven for both horses and humans!