Winterhaven Sporthorse Centre | Care & Management
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At WSC our philosophy is to provide exceptional care and oversight of the stabled horses, while providing a peaceful and professional environment.  The management style has been developed over the years from both visiting and stabling in some of the world’s best facilities. We have also had the benefit of working with renowned veterinarians and equine nutritionists to ensure our horse’s health and happiness. Our staff are knowledgeable and attentive and communicate frequently with our clients.

All board situations at WSC include hay fed 3x’s a day, owner provided grain service known as “brunch”, daily stall cleaning, weekly waterer cleaning, night grain if desired, daily morning and night check and complete use of all facilities. In the barns, ample shavings are included with minimal dust. Beyond our included services, we offer turn out, blanketing, eurocising and more.

Our hay is purchased in an annual quantity to ensure consistency. We feed high quality Orchard Grass hay and Alfalfa hay and we weigh the flakes to ensure that the horses are getting the proper amount they need nutritionally. On average most of our horses do well on 18lbs of hay per day and we test the hay for exact nutritional values.